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Ways in Detecting Liver Problems
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As much as possible, you should keep your liver in the best condition. Though this organ is known to regenerate, you don’t wanna rely in that alone as there are liver problems that will not be reversed anymore. And the thing is, some of your habits might damage your liver.
How can you detect if you already have liver problems? Check this out:
Blood Tests
Certain blood tests can detect whether your liver is not in its original form already. This is called the liver function tests. There are also other blood tests that can check specific liver problems and even genetic conditions.
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There are different imaging test procedures that can be done to check your liver. Ultrasound, CT Scan and MRI can show if your liver is already damaged or still heathy.
Biopsy or Tissue Analysis
Getting a sample from your liver itself is the most accurate way to check if there is nothing wrong with your liver. when a sample is obtained already, it will be sent to the laboratory for testing.
Yes, your liver has a great role to your body. However, such role might be challenged once the said organ will start to get defective.