Study Science Foundation Programme in Malaysia´┐╝

Have you just finished high school and you are unsure whether to further your studies through a diploma or foundation? It all depends on how long you prefer and how fast you are able to cope with the subjects. A diploma normally lasts for 2 years at most, where you will be able to learn… Continue reading Study Science Foundation Programme in Malaysia´┐╝

101 About Embedded PCs

What is an Embedded PC? In a nutshell, an embedded pc malaysia is a computer that is integrated into a larger device as opposed to functioning independently. Usually, it serves a very specific purpose. Applications for embedded PCs include digital signage, in-vehicle computing, industrial automation, and more. You could have a different image in mind… Continue reading 101 About Embedded PCs

Office Space with the Best Options and Cheapest Rates

It is probable that you may have difficulty choosing the ideal location and space for your business. Do not sign a contract that limits your option to upgrade, downgrade, or move your present home. That is contrary to your desires. With the aid of our top-nine list, you will be able to avoid common traps… Continue reading Office Space with the Best Options and Cheapest Rates

How to install a fume hood in Malaysia?

A fume hood is the apparatus that helps to remove fumes, smoke and steam from a lab or industrial area. In Malaysia, there are two types of fume hoods: forced-air and natural-draft. The forced-air models are more expensive than the natural-draft models but they have better efficiency in extracting fumes and other pollutants. If you’re… Continue reading How to install a fume hood in Malaysia?

Best Markets in Malaysia

No two markets in Malaysia are the same, thanks to the country’s different terrains, micro settlements, and unequal urban development. Some are beachfront, where you may enjoy satay (barbecued beef on skewers) while wiggling your toes in the sand. Others are indoors, brightly lit and vibrantly coloured as if you were at a festival. If you have always been getting fresh frozen seafood delivery in Malaysia but now you are interested in learning more about Malaysia’s markets, the following are ten of the best.