The Best Advantages for the Real Estate Deals

Landscape view apartment - The Best Advantages for the Real Estate Deals

The advantage is that you earn money with the real estate relatively easily, but the disadvantage is that you are behind in the queue of rights owners in case of bankruptcy or payment arrears. The tax authorities, other government installations and the bank (for the second part financing or something else) are first entitled parties.

The Taxes for You

You are often liable to tax for all forms described above. Provide an advisor who knows the smart constructions to keep the tax burden low.


Buying a condo for rent kota kinabalu can be done in two different ways. One of them is cash, when you have all the necessary values ​​and the deal is done directly with the condominium kota kinabalu owner. This is the best purchase option, as there is no debt with the bank, it is only necessary to sign the “Promise to Buy and Sell Real Estate” and make the payment, passing all documents to your name.

Running costs

You always want to limit the running costs of a home as much as possible. By insulating the house with cavity wall insulation, floor insulation or double glazing, you (or the tenant) save on these expenses. This is increasingly reflected in a good rental price. In case of condo for rent kota kinabalu this is important. The cost would be perfect in this case.

Calculation model

A good calculation model helps you determine the return and calculate the smartest construction for you. In that calculation model in Excel or other spreadsheet program you can determine exactly what your return on the home will be. The completeness of such a model with all costs and income actually determines the success of your investment.


You have read the tips in the text, but the finer points are often in the details. You will hear about my practical experience in this podcast. That way you know exactly what is involved.

Excel model real estate

It is best to get a standard Excel model for calculating your yield and percentage profit on the property. However, the most important thing is to have a really good command of the calculation model and not to have any doubts about anything. That is why it can be smart to look at other calculation models and distil your own model from them.


Then you know for sure that you have mastered the arithmetic part of this expertise and although it is no guarantee of success, it does help to get and keep everything under control. After the purchase, you freeze the model and use it as a budget holder for the entire period in which you do business with this property.

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