Why Is Entrepreneurship So Successful Today?

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Entrepreneurship is enjoying real success today. There are several reasons for this: becoming an entrepreneur can be a fascinating outcome for a person looking for a job and professionally deadlocked. The success of the self-employed plan is also part of the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Finally, there are a large number of personal motivations for becoming an entrepreneur: following an ideal, proving your skills, responding to a need for recognition, a taste for professional adventure, having a sense of responsibility, no longer depending on a hierarchy or even be the player in its own success. What are the determining factors that explain the success of entrepreneurship today?

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Entrepreneurship can be an alternative to unemployment

Malaysia has a contingent of more than three million unemployed. Sometimes these people remain inactive for long months and lose heart in the quest to find a job. This long moment when a person is not working can be put to good use by taking stock of their situation. Thus, some people prefer to react rather than remain passive and get even more bogged down in precariousness. These men and women, young or old, then try the adventure of entrepreneurship. Exhilarating, it is often a project that these people had in mind for a long time and one day they decide to take the plunge because they feel they have nothing more to lose. Entrepreneurship then becomes a possible alternative to unemployment. In this case, the job seeker values ​​his time by preparing his business creation project. 

The success of the self-employed scheme

The success of entrepreneurship today can also be explained by that of the self-employed. Since the creation of the plan on January 1, 2009, more than a million people have chosen this status to create their business. In 2015, the number of new auto-entrepreneurs was growing at a rate of 20,000 people per month. Half of business creations in 2014 and 2015 were carried out under this regime!

How to explain this success?

According to the total number of business creations in Malaysia reached a new record with 815,300 creations, i.e. 18% more than in 2018. This increase is again driven by the registrations of micro-entrepreneurs (+ 25%, after + 28% in 2018). The creation of traditional individual businesses is also increasing (+ 16%), as well as the creation of companies (+ 9%). The two sectors contributing the most to the overall increase are specialized, scientific and technical activities (+ 17%) and other household services (+ 31%). Widad college is the place where you can join for these courses.

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