Your Guide To Becoming A Sustainable Traveler

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Traveling is something we love doing. Despite knowing that the only way we can decrease our individual carbon footprint is by flying less, we still end up doing it. People think of it as a small compromise to explore the unseen beauty of the world. We splurge on diving packages Malaysia to whale shark swimming in the Philippines and find the best ice cream In Rome.  But with the robustness of the travel industry and the mysticism surrounding expeditions, our travel lust has led the climate to change drastically. And it’s not certainly for the better. Many of the effects of our actions are irreversible as it damages the ozone layer, increases the number of waste and landfills, and just supports further eco damage. But our travel lust does not have to be the culprit behind climate change. We can travel for the betterment of our world with some additional sustainable tips in our journey.

When we think about sustainability, it is not something all of us are accustomed to. It takes a little bit of exposure and adjusting time periods to learn new habits while traveling. So what can we do to become more sustainable travelers? How can we change our behavior and habits for the betterment of the environment and the climate?

Travel In Your Own Country

The shorter we travel the better. This means less carbon footprint because of less flying. It also means we support our own country and its economy by boosting the local tourism. Local tourism does not have to be something boring and dull as it is commonly perceived. Your own country has wonders to be explored and there are millions of tourists waiting to visit your country but are unable to because of the pandemic. Take the opportunity of an empty beautiful city and a country that is filled with familiarity, yet new strange wonders. A small adventure away from your home might really feel like a whole new world.

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Practise Volunteer Tourism

This is a form of tourism that certainly is not new. And is not only desired among many. But also necessary in the current age and time. People are in dire need of volunteers all over the world. If our travel needs have meaning and purpose, it makes our journey much more meaningful and it also is a way to support the country or place that you are visiting. You are extending a hand of kindness and there is nothing more friendly and beautiful than that.

Carry Around A Water Bottle That Is Not Made Of plastic

When traveling around the world, we tend to buy a lot of miscellaneous things. We also tend to buy a lot of things we would end up throwing out and littering. We also end up buying a lot of plastic water bottles because we are always outside and never home. We should always be hydrated but the hydration could take in a much more sustainable way. Tourists are also complicit in plastics increasing around the world so we should be mindful of how much plastic we end up buying. An easy way to reduce it is by eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and getting yourself a reusable one and filling it up.