Negative Effects Of Internet

Negative Effects Of Internet

These days, every single person in this world has their own Internet connection at home and they will most probably be spending their whole time with the Internet. This is because there are many types of content on the Internet that people can find whether for entertainment, learning, or else. Sure the Internet has brought many benefits to people. But, we all must know that the Internet also has its bad effect that can affect people. So, here are the examples of the negative effects of the Internet on the people in the world.

Cause an addiction to the Internet
Internet usage can cause a serious addiction to people. This is because there are so many things that are contained on the Internet, so there will be a lot of things that they can do throughout the whole day with the Internet connection that they have. For example, people can spend about 2 hours and more on social media because they open social media to browse other people’s posts, latest news, funny videos or pictures, chat with their friends and many more. Since there are many things that they can do, they usually spend a lot of time there until they get bored or tired. This is not good for our health.
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People use it to commit crimes
Even on the Internet, people can still commit crimes and do illegal stuff on it. Time fibre home broadband Malaysia that it is illegal, but it also can put other people in danger. For instance, there are many fake accounts on the Internet. That irresponsible person will use fake accounts to scam other people. Their objectives are to get people’s important details and to get their money. We can see that lately there are many scammers on the Internet and many people have become the victim of these scammers. So, we have to be very careful when using the Internet because cyber crimes are really dangerous and it may cause harm to us.

May cause lack of sleep
There are a lot of people that stay up late at night to browse through the Internet. Some people stay up late at night to play online games with their friends and some people want to watch movies online or interesting videos before they go to bed. Without them realizing it, they just stay up all night and cannot sleep. The reason why they cannot sleep is that they are staring at the bright screen of their phone which prevents them from becoming sleepy. This is the problem that many people are facing especially teenagers since teenagers nowadays like to stay up late at night.

To conclude everything, the Internet not only brings benefits to people but it also has its own disadvantages that are not good for people. So, we as a user have to use the Internet wisely and try to control the time of usage to avoid spending a lot of time on the Internet. If you want to find good Internet for your home, try to go to Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia.
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