Online Banking: 6 Ways To Keep Your Account Safe

online banking malaysia

In Malaysia, online banking has become the go-to payment method. By utilizing this method, people are able to process payments through fund transfer, repay loans, and pay credit cards, and other bills as well. The process has become brisk and effortless – it’s why most Malaysians prefer this method. 

So, why should you switch to online banking Malaysia

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There is better security, whenever you log into a banking website, there is an authentication process to make sure that it is you making the transaction. 

Next, is the user experience which is easy to navigate. Most you have to do is swipe and tap on the right icons or scan QR codes. 

Additionally, it is convenient because your phone is always with you. Now, by using a mobile banking application, your payment processes are just at the tip of your fingers. Features included in mobile banking applications are checking your account balance, fund transfers, bill paying, and many more. 

Then, location-based services. There is no need to travel to look for a laptop or desktop or look for the bank itself to do your transactions. By using the mobile banking application, you can do your transactions remotely. Apart from that, you can find the nearest ATMs or branches of specific banks as well. 

But, of course, safety is a concern. 

Hence, these are 6 ways to stay safe and secure during your payment process online. 

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Use a secured website for your transactions

Apart from making sure that the website has an “https”, look for a padlock symbol beside it as well. Taking the time to make sure that those two things are present ensures that the website you’re logging into is secure. Do not click on links that are shared through e-mail, SMS, or pop-ups. Additionally, do not access your bank account through an unsecured internet connection or in any areas that are public. 

Keep your login details under wraps

Avoid using passwords like your birthdate that are simple to guess. Also, if you deem it necessary, change your password often. Apart from that, do not share confidential details such as your username PIN, transaction authorization code (TAC), or security codes with anyone. Keep your information private and secure.

Ensure the two-factor authentication is active and not in jeopardy. 

Be alert to the details of the TAC and ensure that the name matches with what is keyed in. However, if you receive an unauthorized payment through your TAC via text message, then immediately call your bank.  

Log out of the website properly. 

Do not leave the page or website unattended. Log out immediately after usage. 

Always make sure to use update your anti-virus software

Ensure that your computer is safe from new viruses by using a licensed anti-virus, this is essential. 

Check your account regularly.

After making a transaction online, remind yourself to check your bank account and verify the correct amount that has been deducted.