The Perks of a Company Secretary

The Perks of a Company Secretary

Do you want to be an effective secretary? Or maybe you have no motivation thinking your job is not important? You should stop that thinking as you are not someone who is unimportant. A company cannot function well without the assistance of the secretary to their bosses. But then again, you also need to be capable for your bosses to value you. This is the protocol when you are working actually and for you to be more capable, you can take an fakulti pengurusan maklumat course. 

If you are having doubts about this course, check out below why you should not:

  1. Being an executive secretary means you will be closely working with those who are the brain of the company. Whatever plans they may have, you will surely know. If there are new tasks, you will be one of those who know first. You can say that you are privileged since you are part of the team of the planners. 
  2. Every day, your brain will really be working, which is not the case if you are just one of the regular employees. Here, you will be part of the higher up team and they might ask for your ideas from time to time. There are even times when you will really be assigned to do something big that might contribute to the success of a particular project. 
  3. There will be no boring days. You will feel that every hour of your working time is well compensated and for that, you will exponentially grow. You will become an asset to the company and thus, you will feel valued and at the same time, you will feel fulfilled as well. 
  4.  You have the chance to lift people up. Sometimes, people get disappointed and even depressed when their work is not doing well or when they are ill treated by their superiors. Though they know that the feeling is just but temporary, still they can’t help but be sad and you will have the chance to cheer them up being you are around them most of the time. 

Yes, a secretarial job is nothing to be ashamed about. This is a fulfilling job and depending on the company, this pays good as well. Of course, if you are good, you might be promoted or your pay will be raised. It is usually the protocol of a company. 

And if you want to be really become an effective secretary, taking the course is not enough. You can also take some training as for sure, this will help you a lot in dealing with your tasks. This will also help you become more confident and will enable you to face your job with pride.

A lot of people these days have no work. Thus, being a secretary is already something one should thank about. This is a privileged job and a lot of people aim to be in your position. So, while you are in this, you should take good care of it.