Essentials For New Mothers

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You are stocked up for all of the baby’s stuff. The clothes, the mittens, car seat and, etc. That is great, you’ll want to be prepared for all different kinds of situations. However, what about your stuff? Have you prepared it well? Do you know what stuff you will need after you gave birth? Well if you don’t know what to stock up for yourself, this article will help you and tell you exactly what you need. 

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After giving birth, you will be going through a lot of changes mentally, emotionally, and most importantly physically. You will need all of this stuff to help you to go through the changes smoothly. 

Nursing Pads

Whether you are planning to breastfeed or not, you will experience leaks throughout your postnatal. Don’t be embarrassed because it is natural and it is a beautiful journey through motherhood. Even if it is a beautiful journey through motherhood, it can be a hassle to change clothes and bra every single time you leaks. To save your time and energy from having to change clothes and bra constantly, you can use nursing pads to put them in your bra to protect your clothes and bra from leaks. You can buy a couple of boxes of these nursing pads and you will no longer have to change clothes every time you leaks. Just change the nursing pads after a couple of hours and put in a brand new pad. 

Nipple Cream 

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing in motherhood. It is an experience you will get to experience after giving birth, to be able to feed your child and creates this special bond between the two of you is definitely magical. Despite, it is a beautiful experience it can also be painful especially, in your nipple area. The latching and sucking from the baby can cause a dry nipple crack. Having a nipple cream can help you to soothe the pain and also avoid it from happening again. Use a nipple cream that has natural ingredients in it, and it will be able to help you in that situation. 


You may not be getting your period yet, but you will definitely bleed out and it can be much heavier than your period. You will want to stock up on lots of pads especially the one that will be able to absorb well. You don’t want to waste your energy and time by cleaning them if it leaks. Get a pad that is suitable for your need and also pads that are comfortable for you to wear in a couple of hours. Using tampons and menstrual cups will not be a great idea because you are in recovery in that area. So pads are definitely the way to go!

       Peri Bottle

What is a peri bottle? A peri bottle is known as a perineal irrigation bottle. The function of this bottle is to clean your private area, it can be sensitive there especially after giving birth. You will want to be gentle while cleaning them to make sure that the stitches are not opening. The peri bottle will help you to clean the region area gently. 

The road to recovery after giving birth is not easy, you will feel all sorts of emotions and you will go through all sorts of changes. However, with the help from mother care nursing sets Malaysia, you will feel at ease and comfortable during your recovery time. Remember a healthy and happy mother is important for the baby’s well-being.