Why is fiber optic internet better?

laptop with wifi icon - Why is fiber optic internet better?

The fact that this feature provides an internet with much more quality is no longer a secret to anyone, is it? It is about optical fiber, which guarantees an internet with high speed and connection stability. Do you want to know how this is possible? Check it out below!

How can optical fiber offer the best internet?

It’s very simple! Because it happens to be coated with a dielectric element (resistant to electromagnetic waves), the optical fiber doesn’t hurt intrusion from additional communication networks round it. This makes your connection signal relics stable and strong.

Another interesting factor is that, by providing data transmission at the speed of light, optical fiber expands broadband, enhancing the speed of the internet and the ability to forward data.

Evaluate the download and upload speed

Download speed refers to the transfer or how fast it is to pull data from a server. Much of the time that an individual uses the internet, somehow he will be downloading. A basic example of this is to access any page on the internet, because in order to load that page, the data needs to be downloaded.

The upload will be based on the time it takes people to send data from the computer to other servers. As is the case for those who need to upload heavy videos to Youtube.

In this case, fiber optic plans usually provide the same download and upload speed, but the subscription price may be higher. 

Do you use Netflix or watch a lot of videos?

The tm unifi internet speed must be at least 5MB for standard quality and 25MB for watching in ultra HD. This number is ideal for only one device, that is, if there are more than one devices, it is very likely that there will be a connection failure in one of the devices. 

Best package for those who play online?

The download speed determines what necessary data needs to be downloaded in the game. While the upload speed does the opposite: it sends the data to the server, so that players can receive the actions in real time.

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